<p><strong>HorseTelex Sales</strong></p> <p>Every HorseTelex user can put one horse per year for sale for free. After this you pay &euro; 5 per advertisement (basic option). The invoice will be sent by email.&nbsp;<br /> Are you a HorseTelex subscriber&nbsp;<strong><a href="http://www.horsetelex.com/pages/view/10" target="_blank"><span style="color:#3396d3">(HT Member)</span></a></strong>? In that case you can put your horses for sale <strong>for free!</strong> Up to 5 horses per year.<br /> Please register on HorseTelex Sales&nbsp;using your email address of your account on HorseTelex Pedigree.<br /> <strong>Send us an email after your registration on HorseTelex Sales and we will allow you to put your 5 horses for sale for free.</strong></p> <hr /> <p><strong>Help and Information</strong></p> <p><strong>Registration and Log In</strong></p> <p>To use HorseTelex you must be registered. The menu button REGISTER will allow you to apply for a password.&nbsp; You will then receive an e-mail with a link with which you can determine a password yourself. Click LOG IN and administer your account and your advertisements. As soon as you are registered your user name (your e mail address) is shown at the above left hand corner of the internet page.&nbsp; You can easily log out by clicking the link LOG OUT.</p> <p><strong>My Account </strong></p> <p><strong>General information</strong></p> <p>My Account gives you the opportunity to administer, change or remove your personal data and your advertisements. Here you can also set up a new password again.&nbsp; My account consists of the following parts:</p> <p><strong>My data</strong></p> <p>Your personal (registration) data at one glance, with the option to change it and to remove it.</p> <p><strong>My advertisements</strong></p> <p>An overview of your advertisements, with the possibility to change,&nbsp; deactivate/activate or to remove them.&nbsp; If desired you can change all data of your advertisements(photos and videos as well).</p> <p><strong>My favourites</strong></p> <p>An overview of your favorite advertisements, with the possibility to add your personal notes to your favorite advertisements.</p> <hr /> <p><strong>Buying via HorseTelex Sales</strong></p> <p><strong>Searching</strong></p> <p><em>How do you find the horse you are looking for?</em></p> <p>You find horses for sale by browsing through the sales lists or by using the search or sorting possibilities.&nbsp;On the homepage you find a shortened menu.&nbsp; You can choose between the disciplines show jumping &ndash; dressage &ndash; eventing &ndash; others, and the categories sporthorse &ndash; broodmare &ndash; foal &ndash; embryo.&nbsp; The result of your selection appears after you have clicked the link &hellip;.horses.</p> <p><strong>Refine search </strong></p> <p>On the page &acute;Horses offered &acute; you will find a variety of search options. Your search is displayed in the search mask SELECTION. After having made a selection the amount of horses that correspond to your search is immediately shown. You can hide the search mask each time and have it displayed again.</p> <p><strong>Sorting</strong></p> <p>As it is standard, the search results are shown in descending order from the date of publishing. You can sort the results by date, year of birth, price, choosing between descending or ascending.</p> <hr /> <p><strong>Contact to the seller</strong></p> <p>When you found a horse that interests you, you can contact the seller directly.&nbsp; You find the contact data of the advertiser underneath the advertisement.&nbsp; If the advertiser has not published personal data, you can always contact the seller via e-mail by clicking the link &nbsp;&acute;mail to the seller &acute;.&nbsp; You find this link underneath each advertisement.&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>E-mail security</strong></p> <p>The e-mail addresses of the advertisers are secured.&nbsp; The e-mails are sent via the server of HorseTelex, therefor the e-mail address is not visible. This protects the advertisers from:</p> <ul> <li>unwanted publicity of (commercial) providers with whom they had e mail contact in the past (SPAM).</li> <li>Virus that are spread via e-mail.</li> <li>People that want to misuse the e-mail address</li> </ul> <hr /> <p><strong>Selling via HorseTelexSales</strong></p> <p><strong>Advertise</strong></p> <p>Anyone can advertise easily and fast on HorseTelexSales.</p> <p><strong>To upload an advertisement</strong></p> <p>STEP 1<br /> You must be logged in/registered.&nbsp;&nbsp; Click the yellow button &acute;to put an advertisement`. It is obligatory to enter the spaces NAME, SEX, YEAR OF BIRTH and COLOUR.&nbsp;At the same time, you will receive propositions from the database of HorseTelexPedigree.&nbsp;If you find your horse in the propositions, you can click them and move on to.</p> <p>STEP 2<br /> You can adjust all spaces in the displayed pedigree by clicking the square icon.&nbsp; You can also add (in case it is not displayed) the sire, the dam, the grandsire and dam and the grandgrand sire and dam of your horse.&nbsp; After that, it is obligatory to choose one main discipline and then optionally make a choice of the REMAINING DISCIPLINES.&nbsp; It is possible to choose more than one.&nbsp; In case required you can click the spaces &acute;x rays &acute;and &acute; in foal `.</p> <p>You can upload 12 photos. The best result will be achieved with photos of a resolution of 800 x 532 pixel.</p> <p>You can upload three videos.&nbsp; Add a YouTube link into the space provided.&nbsp;</p> <p>Choose a price category.&nbsp;</p> <p>Place your text in the respective language field.</p> <p>Choose the contact data that will be displayed in the advertisement. Here you can change the suggested data of this advertisement.</p> <p>STEP 3<br /> This is the preview.&nbsp;Check your advertisement or go back to STEP 2 for possible changes.&nbsp;Choose at the bottom the PREVIEW to SAFE it.Immediately after clicking SAFE your advertisement will be shown.&nbsp;If you want to adjust something else, click CHANGE ADVERTISEMENT.&nbsp;This link is always available for your advertisement.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Especially highlighted</strong></p> <p>The following options are available.</p> <p>HOMEPAGE ADVERTISEMENT<br /> Your advertisement appears 7 days in the slideshow on the homepage.&nbsp;With a big photo and in the column that is immediately recognizable and noticeable. We allow a maximum of eight homepage advertisements, by which your advertisement will enjoy maximum attention on the homepage.</p> <p>TOP ADVERTISEMENT<br /> Your advertisement is 7 days in the slideshow, especially highlighted and with a big photo in the result list.&nbsp; Example:&nbsp; your horse is linked to the category show jumpers.&nbsp; If a visitor in the search mask makes the selection SHOW JUMPING, only the show jumpers in TOP ADVERTISEMENTS appear.&nbsp; We will allow 10 advertisements per discipline, by which your advertisement enjoys maximum attention on the result pages.&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Rules and Tips for advertising</strong><br /> In order to make dealing comfortable for everyone there are some rules that apply to everyone.&nbsp;You find these rules in our disclaimer and the data privacy statement at the bottom of this internet page.</p> <p>Apart from the rules for advertising, we will be happy to give you some tips concerning the selling via HorseTelexSales.</p> <p><strong>1. Interesting text</strong></p> <p>Write an interesting, appealing text, that makes the reader want to have a closer look at the advertisement. Pay attention to:</p> <ul> <li>correct name, pedigree, sex, age, colour, height, price.</li> <li>short and precisely describing text, also in other foreign languages.</li> <li>use known words that describe the characteristics of your horse well and that the buyer can understand.</li> <li>publish good, recent and <strong>copyright-free</strong> photos. HorseTelex is not responsible for any consequence should an advertiser publish a photo or photos) which is/are protected by copyright. The advertiser is responsible for any consequence of any copyright issue.</li> </ul> <p><strong>2. Complete description</strong></p> <p>Use as little abbreviations as possible.&nbsp; There is enough space to publish precise and complete texts.</p> <p><strong>3. Good photos</strong></p> <p>A good photo tells more than a 1000 words. Good quality photos increase the chance of a quicker sale. Publish web photos of a maximum of 300 KB. (Recommended format: 800 x 532 Pixel.)</p> <p><strong>4. Always react to an enquiry</strong></p> <p>A short reply is a small effort that will lead to a great result.&nbsp; The buyer has made the effort to read your advertisement and to react upon it.&nbsp; He deserves an appropriate reply.</p> <p><strong>5. Remove advertisements in time</strong></p> <p>For a buyer, nothing is more frustrating to hear than that the horse has been sold `long &acute;ago.&nbsp; For that reason, remove the advertisement as soon as your horse is sold or is not for sale anymore.</p> <p><strong>Frequently Asked Questions!</strong></p> <p>1. I do not get the e-mail to confirm my application.<br /> Answer:</p> <p>HorseTelexSales sends automatically generated mails.&nbsp; Often the provider handles them as spam.&nbsp; Often these mails are declared &acute;unwanted mail &acute;or &acute;spam box&acute;.&nbsp; Check your spam box</p> <p>2. I cannot save my advertisement?<br /> Answer:</p> <p>It often has to do with the size of the photos.&nbsp;The easiest solution is to reduce the size of the photos.&nbsp;The best result will be achieved with photos the size of 800 x 532&nbsp;Pixel.</p> <p>3. My homepage and/or my Top Advertisement is not visible?<br /> Answer:</p> <p>Homepage and Top Advertisements are displayed in the slideshow together with other Homepage and Top Advertisements.&nbsp; The advertisements jump, it can take some time until your advertisement appears.</p> <p>4. How can I administer my advertisement?<br /> Answer:</p> <p>You can log in with your&nbsp; e mail address and your password.&nbsp; In MY ACCOUNT, you can administer your advertisement.</p> <p>5. Can I advertise any horse of any race/studbook?<br /> Answer:</p> <p>Yes, that is allowed.&nbsp; Only riding and breeding horses, no ponies.</p> <p>6. Is my advertisement also visible on HorseTelexPedigree?<br /> Answer:</p> <p>Yes, on HorseTelexPedigree your horse is linked and noted&nbsp; &acute;For Sale &acute;.&nbsp; This may take a couple of days.&nbsp;</p>